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The Information page and this placeholder,
which is representating the old waay of
__collecting__ informations about my Computers.
Seriously I'm busy with some stuff, so don't wonder, here. :)
- PHPSysInfo
- VNSTAT Traffic Flow / Counter.
- Multi Router Traffic / Graph For "itflash".
- Webalizer1[Funny] - Work-In-Progress. :)
> -> RC5-72 Log
Heartless <---


Deutsches Museum Muenchen.
flash's YouTube Site. <->
--> Your own music Online! <--
The newest Hoax of :) o/ -> Just Quit the shit!
>>Neue CBD - Back/Tee, - EU-Sorte auf Deutschen
>>Äckern legalisiert! --> Muensterland Hanf 100% legal

>>>Wirkt vegetativ, sowie minimal Zentral Antispasmolytisch. Gegen Epelepsie & Multiple Sklerose
Antikarzinogen, Neuroprotektiv, auf Zellen. Gegen Schizophrenie gleich == Clozapin,
Antibakteriell als Tee. Schmerzunterdrückend gleich == min. 1200mg Ibuprofen, uvm;
dabei ohne Psychoaktive Wirkung!...
Mono & Nikitaman - Unter Freunden.
The FlexNet GmbH itflash Page of Christian 'flash2' Fladung.

Like This, The Whole Interweb, - Should Look Like. ;)
Because, in a world of money, information must be free available.
When *everyone* can spy, you must be the first, who spy's itself! "Information technician's" who manage their own family, still let it look like that.
In a manner of research in changes of attitude & Technology, for me, girls & boys now-a-days, with all their habits, destroying much really faithful work in modern technology.
After using Whatsapp, i totally had this chain-of-thought..
I allways ssay: Use this*, use that*, and nobody minds. So
truth of being spyd, comes shortly.

^^ *This* Caables* are red! :-)
Alles'G<--->Probe! - Whole Lotta Love!
--->Super Moonies - Minakos Herzkristall!

Linux is not the answer. Yes is the answer. Linux is the question . . .
Ingress Global Control
Try to find a way to the white side! The Page is still under construction. There will be more as soon as possible. Follow the rabbit!
The rabbit says: click on the UNIX command!
IT's still to seen as non-sellable
Now feel free travelling through my little webpage!

23. Juni of 2016.
removed bulk music.
now feel free to watch some Demo's which have been mostly coded on PC:

loop="loop" src="" type="audio/mp3"> Ihr Browser kann dieses Tondokument nicht wiedergeben.
Es enthält eine Aufführung der Europahymne. Sie können es unter Link-Addresse abrufen.

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Dies ist der alternative Ausspruch, wenn kein Flash oder eine veraltete Version installiert ist.

Dies ist der alternative Ausspruch, wenn kein Flash oder eine veraltete Version installiert ist.

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