Projekt 2023/24 Codename: Solar Sonic Adventures
Friday, September 01, 2023 (16:52:39)

Posted by Admin

This autumn the Year 2023, we concentrate all our Systems on making the famous "Solar Beam" better. We have two Projects called: "Solar Sonic Adventures" on the MPC.Also we have three Bassmaking Project's. At last there is no plan to change anything on the "old" tracks up to now and until 2024. Maybe 2024 get's more melodious and pumpkin' Wink Thank's to David, Jeannie & Brigitte.We don't waste time to shortening the process, - overally there
are dig Time requests on the wrong place. Nobody should train himself to an Artificial Music Manufacture Wink Also, - new - this year in the feed we thank all our Interwebz for being useful, even - so called "stronger" than ever evolving new human people to be acceded for the still young, but strong human kind, giving their natural range exposure to be succeed, but not aside like in Civil War Ages where God couldn't help US.
Thanks, we do the best to inform you about no problematique, about to lease on Wink
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